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Shoe game

The current weather in Copenhagen can, for the most part be a cold experience. The positive thing is, that is offers a great opportunity to wear a wider selection of your shoe wardrobe. The switching of weather enables a wider selection of shoes to be worn. This article will leave out summer based footwear, like espadrillos, lighter loafers and boat...

Well Dressed – Brothers Marfil

A few months back, we were faced with the opportunity of making a video collaboration with Les Deux, a Copenhagen based brand, with a media channel, telling amazing stories on different subjects. They approached us, with the idea of telling a story on the way we dress and the inspiration of Brothers Marfil. A visual journey on, what the Brothers Marfil...

Conquering the cold – A guide on layering

With winter upon us in Denmark, cold and snowy weather can sometimes restrict our ability to put on a wanted outfit. But instead of seeing the cold season as a way of limiting your possibilities clothing wise, we see it as an opportunity to unlock some of the items in your wardrobe, you can’t wear during summer or warmer periods. The...

Tie pairing as Men of OTAA

Our ongoing collaboration with OTAA has been a success since day one, and we thought we’d show how we choose to pair ties in different contexts. The following articles displays our process when picking out the perfect tie for the everyday outfit, and our thoughts put behind the selection when having different settings regarding patterns, textures etc. Our main tie supplier,...

Summer in Copenhagen – featuring Dandy & Son

Despite the horrible “summer” weather in Copenhagen, the season has brought us some exciting great news – a new collaboration with norwegian brand Dandy & Son. We saw this as a great opportunity to write a small article regarding their brand and beautiful products. Dandy & Son is a family-owned menswear brand based in Oslo, Norway, with a great line of products expanding from soft...